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We are reaching out to you to invite you to join a new citizens’ group, Keep It Grand (KIG).

KIG has been formed to help protect the natural beauty of East Grand Lake and its surrounding vistas. At this time a specific threat is a vast wind farm development proposed for Greenland Ridge along the southern end of East Grand. If successful, future developments would likely take place along the northern ridges of the lake. We believe achieving greener energy is a critical environmental goal. However, preserving our fragile natural environment is also a critical goal. We believe that the placement of wind farms on East Grand Lake would do little to advance the goal of green energy and come at the cost of destroying a unique natural environment. Wind farms would turn the beautiful night sky and the deep quiet of this treasured lake and land into a ridge of flashing lights and rumbling turbines. This has happened elsewhere in Maine, but it can be stopped --with your help.

Keep It Grand has been formed by citizens who live on or come to East Grand for its natural environment of tremendous beauty, an environment that helps make Maine the great state it is. Roots for many of us go back generations. We believe that the East Grand watershed must be preserved for generations to come.
We will engage in education regarding the issues and in advocacy at all levels. We want people to understand that wind farms constructed on sites like East Grand Lake come with great environmental costs, are damaging to the important tourism and fishing industries, and are of dubious environmental and economic value.

Anyone can become a member of KIG by embracing the goals of KIG and by paying a onetime membership fee of $25 to help support our efforts. Please consider an additional contribution to help us all win this fight.

-Jamie Plunkett, Membership Chair

To join or to send us a message, please enter your information below. If you wish to pay now, simply enter the payment information after clicking on the pay now button, or download and print our membership form, and mail with your contribution.

Keep It Grand
PO Box 345
Danforth, ME 04424

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