Keep It Grand Reaches 300 Members


Keep It Grand Formed to Fight Invasive Wind in Northern Maine

Danforth, ME
February 27, 2012

Keep It Grand (KIG), a citizens' organization formed on December 17th, 2011 to protect and preserve the natural beauty of East Grand Lake (Danforth, ME) and its surrounding watershed, announced today that it has garnered the support of over 300 members. KIG’s membership drive has recently begun in response to the threat of invasive wind development on East Grand Lake. The organization believes that an industrial wind farm, likely to be proposed for Greenland Ridge, adjoining the “Arm” of East Grand Lake, could have a devastating impact on the beauty and use of this exceptional natural resource. KIG believes that achieving sustainable energy production is a critical national environmental goal, but must be accomplished efficiently and without undue harm to unique and beautiful natural environments such as the East Grand Lake area. Wind farm projects, such as the completed Rollins Mountain project in Lincoln and the proposed project on Bowers Mountain in Carroll Township, are potential sources of abrupt and alarming impacts on the environment and economy in these communities. KIG believes that wind farms constructed on sites like Greenland Ridge may come with great environmental costs, jeopardize tourism and sport industries, and fail to support a greener and more sustainable Maine for all.

Keep It Grand seeks to protect the natural integrity and scenic beauty of East Grand Lake, its watershed, and surrounding landscape from environmental threats and inappropriate development activities such as industrial scale wind power through advocacy and public education.