A Call to Action

The pristine wilderness of East Grand Lake is on the verge of being destroyed. An industrial wind farm of 40+ story tall wind turbines could be erected along Greenland Ridge on the Arm of East Grand Lake. A wind farm of this size would tower over the lake. Its flickering blades during the day, flashing lights at night, and low, rumbling noise could destroy the wilderness beauty of East Grand.

KIG is a citizens' group formed in December 2011 to oppose this project and join forces with other organizations to help protect East Grand Lake. We already have over 225 members and are growing daily. This website provides information on this potential project (Overview), the economic and environmental problems with wind farms in valuable scenic areas of Maine (The Issues, Wind Power), links to other organizations and resources (Links), and what you can do to help (Join Us).

The situation is urgent. We do not have much time. If you wish to help protect East Grand Lake from this environmental disaster, please join us and keep coming back to this site for updated information.

Take a Stand to Keep It Grand!

Zach Ross, President, KIG

Anticipated Project Location

We anticipate a project will be proposed for Greenland Ridge, approximately along the line marked in red on the map above.