Member Feedback

Your website was forwarded to us as we are lakefront owners on the Canadian side of East Grand Lake.
We are greatly concerned over this proposed development and fully support your efforts.
Please keep us informed. 6/14/12

I am absolutely opposed to any development of this type in the East Grand area. This technology is not proven and the implementation questionable.
The fact that the power source is 'wind' doesn't make the turbines, clearing of forest/natural habitat, electrical lines, etc. a 'green solution.
Additionally, I am highly concerned in regard to the continued commitment of future subsidies and continued sustainment support for this
problematic solution to remain viable for the long term. 6/13/12

East Grand Lake is an important resource as is the State of Maine.
It's great to see people care about preserving East Grand Lake and the beauty and livelihood it provides. 5/15/12

Happy to join this effort. 4/20/12

Keep up the good work. Between the three organizations WWLT, CLIC and your fine organization,
we hope to cover all the bases to promote the best interest for our lakes. 4/1/12

We see absolutley no benefit for the turbines, except to ruin the area we love so much. 3/14/12

I own a camp on E. Grand. I'd like to stay in the loop with all this windmill talk. I don't know to much about it. Will in benefit us tax payers? locals??
I would like to get some more information, but from what I know now I definitely don't want to see them around the lake. Thank-you 3/6/12

We strongly support your goal to protect the East Grand Watershed. Please keep us informed!
Thank You, 2/29/12

We have bought a 2nd home in Forest City with the plan to renovate and retire there in the near future.
The windmill threat has made us think again about that plan. One of the main reasons we love Forest City is
it's quiet and that is rapidly disappearing. 2/25/12

What likelihood is there this WM project can be prevented? I would like to see a viable legal opinion to stop its implementation. 2/25/12

What an eyesore that would be. 2/23/12

I have sent in the paper registration along with membership payment and donation. I DO NOT want those awful things anywhere near this
beautiful lake. Thank you for contacting me. 2/20/12

Thank you for your good work. We look forward to supporting you in this effort. 2/11/12

this is a terrible issue. It must not happen!! The thought of it is absolutely awful! I will stay informed. 2/10/12

The wind project is absolutely absurd and makes no sense. Please let me know what I can do to help. 2/10/12

I really like the website--congrats! Also, are you at present, or are you planning to become,
a 501(c)3 non-profit organization? I'm going to make a contribution, and I'm wondering if it's tax-deductible yet.
Can you let me know? Thanks! 2/10/12

Keep up the good work. 2/10/12

Woohoo, go Grand! 2/9/12