Greenland Ridge Visual Impact Images

Michael Lawrence Associates has been engaged by Keep It Grand to prepare a Visual Impact Assessment of the Greenland Ridge industrial wind farm project.
MLA is very experienced with preparing visual impact assessments for wind projects. Actual photographs and computer simulations are used to produce images
that accurately represent what a completed project will look like.

These images are the preliminary results of MLA's efforts, and are just a part of the report, but KIG feels it is imperative to share these now.

These images clearly illustrate how out of place 426 foot tall industrial wind turbines are towering above East Grand Lake.
They clearly illustrate how they stick out and are visible from all over the lake.

Most pictures are followed by a map which shows where the original photograph was taken, and also shows the sight lines of the wind turbines. Please click photos to enlarge.

Looking toward Greenland Ridge just past Billy and Nan Islands (in the foreground):

View from Billy and Nan Islands

Billy and Nan sight lines:

Billy and Nan lines of sight

Looking back from Hayes Point:

View from Hayes Point

Hayes Point sight lines:

Hayes Point lines of sight

Looking up from Greenland Cove:

View from Greenland cove

Greenland Cove sight lines:

Greenland cove lines of sight

Looking from Pemberton Ridge (Canada) back across the lake:

View from Pemberton Ridge

Pemberton Ridge sight lines:

Pemberton Ridge Lines of sight

Looking at Greenland Ridge from Forest City shore:

View From Forest City